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"Holmes was accessible upon the side of flattery" [REDC]

We all know that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Sherlock Holmes is no stranger to either, and with a growing database that includes some tens of thousands of work, it's easy to think that Sherlock Holmes is probably the most imitated literary character in history.

We take the time in this show to explore some of the motivations behind pastiches — as well as the cliched ingredients in so many pastiches (Mrs. Hudson, Mycroft Holmes, Professor Moriarty, cocaine, the Baker Street Irregulars, Jack the Ripper, real historical figures, etc.) and what makes them work — or in many cases, not.

But more than that, we announce a new format to I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere episodes. Beginning with Episode 82, we're going to be splitting the show into two episodes per month. One show will be a featured interview and Gas-Lamp, while the other will be a show with the news, the quiz, and commentary related to the interview show that it precedes. In this case, our pastiche commentary is a prelude to one of the most exciting and anticipated pastiches of the year, Bonnie Macbird's Art in the Blood.

This is our first show with a musical guest, and we're pleased to introduce Jessica Lisette to the Sherlockian world. She performs her new hit single "Elementary," which makes its debut today. You can see her video embedded below.

Our "Mental Exaltation" quiz, so adeptly written by Nick Martorelli, challenges listener Jenn Zuko to win a copy of Bonnie Macbird's Art in the Blood. Will she manage to pull it off?

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3:36 How to find our past episodes: the ihose DOT co code.
4:50 Supporting the show — just like Mary Miller
7:00 Announcing the new IHOSE format
10:02 The Sherlock Holmes news
21:45 The Pope makes news while in the United States
24:21 Jessica Lisette joins us to sing "Elementary"
38:30 Our sponsors — including the latest Sherlock Holmes brand ad
43:40 Commentary: pastiches
55:41 Mental Exaltation
1:02:22 Wrap up comments

And as usual, you might want to be sure you pay attention for a special Easter egg somewhere in the show...

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