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"They were converted to this idea" - [VALL]

Sherlock Holmes is no stranger to the world of comics, but ComicFlix’s Project 39 on Indiegogo has a new take on the old stories. ComicFlix’s team has developed the technology to take the 1954 Sherlock Holmes series starring Ronald Howard and convert it to 39 separate graphic novels, one for each episode of the classic show. This isn’t just a simple retelling of the old stories, but the world’s first conversion of film into comics.

Olyvia Rakshit grew up with a set of 25 Tintin comic books as her most prized possession. Many years later, her seven year-old daughter imagined a way to convert books into movies. Being an engineer, Rakshit’s wheels began to turn, and she imagined doing the opposite of her daughter’s idea: turning movies into books. As an ardent Sherlock Holmes fan, she knew just what she wanted to adapt first.

She quit her job at a large tech company and created ComicFlix, a company that now employs engineers in the U.S., India, Canada and throughout Europe. Her team has developed software that creates images that look hand drawn from video frames and puts 100% of the dialog from a film or television show into the appropriate frames with the characters.  A team of editors and illustrators then validate and edit the art and text as needed to put a finishing touch on the pages of the graphic novel.

ComicFlix named its inaugural endeavor Project 39 for the number of episodes there were in the 1954 Sherlock Holmes series with Ronald Howard and Marion Crawford. They plan to convert all 39 episodes into the comic format, each issue running around 50 pages, and have them available for purchase digitally or in book format. Rakshit says that if there are enough orders, they hope to have all 39 issues available within the next 3-4 months, an unheard of feat in the comics industry.

You can back this project on their Indiegogo page as well as pre-order 1, 5, 10 or even all 39 issues of the new series. Rakshit and her team plan have plans past Sherlock Holmes, with licenses to create video-to-comics for Zorro titles as well as The Three Stooges in the future. But she has a special place in her heart for the great detective.  She wants Sherlock Holmes fans to know that they are onto something big.

With enough backers, their hero could be the world’s first video-to-comics hero.

What do you say, fellow Sherlockian? Are you in?