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The Beacon Society, a not-for-profit scion society of the Baker Street Irregulars that supports and recognizes exemplary educational experiences that introduce young people to the Sherlock Holmes stories, is offering grants of up to $500 to fund the development of such programs. The grants honor the memory of Jan Stauber (above), a New Jersey middle school teacher who for 10 years visited classes in the guise of Sherlock Holmes to encourage students to discover the joys of reading.

Jan Stauber Grants have been awarded to creative teachers and librarians in the USA since 2004 and in Canada since 2012. Previous awardees have used Sherlock Holmes to teach English, literature, history, mathematics, forensics, deductive reasoning, and critical thinking to students in elementary school through high school.

The deadline for 2014 grant applications is May 1. An application form, guidelines and other details about the Jan Stauber Grants are at BeaconSociety.com. For more information about the grants, contact Allan Devitt.

We've previously covered the Beacon Society: "Whom Would You Recommend, Then?" [HOUN] - you may want to read a little more. Also, you may follow the Beacon Society on Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter (@TeachSherlock).

Image credit:  BeaconSociety.com

[Editor's note: this is Marilynne's first post for us on IHOSE. She'll be covering the Beacon Society and any topics related to children as part of her beat. Please join us in welcoming her to the team.]