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"So there you are, Watson. You are up to date now." [ILLU]

It can be difficult to keep up with all of the goings-on of Sherlock Holmes online. In our most recent episode, Chris Redmond describes the impossibility of maintaining the original mission of Sherlockian.net to document all Sherlock Holmes content on the Internet.

One of the ways we share updates is on our Facebook Page (do already like us on Facebook, don't you?). And as you probably know, social media has increased the speed and frequency of online communications — certainly the Sherlockian world has exploded with the concurrence of social media and of popular versions of Sherlock Holmes such as Elementary and Sherlock.

But earlier this week, Facebook made some changes to the News Feed which means that you're more likely to see content from your friends and family than you are from Pages like ours. We understand that — you want to connect with other human beings on social media rather than with brands.

And yet, Facebook has become an important part of our distribution process here at IHOSE. So we've come up with a way for your to make sure you never miss an update from us.

Just head over to our Facebook Page (facebook.com/ihearofsherlock) and make sure you like us:

Once you dow that, if you hover your mouse over the Liked button, you'll see some other options in the drop-down menu. From this menu, simply select See First and turn notifications to All On.

Voila! That's it. Now you're sure to see updates from I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere in your News Feed.

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