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"I picked up a magazine from the table" [STUD]  

Yesterday, the staff at I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere was informed that our Flipboard magazine is featured on Flipboard's Best of #MagsWeLove 2013. This is a great honor - one that we'll explain after we've ensured you know what Flipboard is.

As you're probably aware, the Internet is awash in content - so much so that at times, it's difficult to find what you're looking for. It used to be the case that a news site, blog or even forum could contain everything you needed with regard to a hobby, interest or passion. Now, with the advent of so many social networks and independent sites, it can be difficult to drill down and find the really essential assets you prefer.

Enter Flipboard. Available as an app for iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry devices, as well as on the web, Flipboard is a tool that allows anyone to take the news and content they care about and curate it into their own magazines on any topic imaginable. In the way that Peter Blau has been collecting snippets to create the monthly Scuttlebutt from the Spermaceti Press and that Matt Laffey compiles the Weekly Sherlock Holmes Link Compendium, Flipboard allows us to create a well laid-out magazine of all of the places we hear of Sherlock - and they are numerous.

Here's what Flipboard had to say about our contribution:
Over 5 million Flipboard magazines have been created thus far, but our “Best of” list collects 74 magazines that Flipboard employees love most. They’re magazines that make us say Wow. Magazines that entertain, educate, and inform us. Most of all, they’re magazines that demonstrate the creativity and passion of the people — like you — who curate them.
Congratulations, and thanks for creating such a terrific magazine.

We're fortunate to have a hobby that is enjoying a renaissance at the moment. But as such, it means there's a deluge of content, and there are things that we may miss.

May we ask a favor?

When Sherlock Holmes employed the Baker Street Irregulars to roam the streets of London for him, he authorized them to "go everywhere, see everything, overhear everyone." If we could impose upon you to do the same for us, we'd be grateful for your support. If you use the iOS version of Flipboard, you can share stories directly with us. Simply select the mail icon in the share menu and enter ihearofsherlock @ gmail.com and we'll be notified that you've shared something with us.

Of course, you may also email us without the app if you happen to come across something you think we should be covering. We have a whole team of writers who contribute here, and we welcome others.

And if you haven't checked out the I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere Magazine on Flipboard, please do so. We look forward to your feedback.