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For the last couple of years, there have been a number of so-called viral videos that have been modeled on a German movie Der Untergang (or Downfall), about the last days of Hitler. The clip in question was taken from the movie, when Hitler, in his bunker, discovered that the Allied troops were closing in on Berlin and his conquest for world domination was at an end.

The clip has been used and repurposed hundreds of times on the web with a variety of subtitles that supposedly describe Hitler's reaction to some modern occurrence or other. It could be his reaction to Michael Jackson's death, Sarah Palin's resignation, being banned from XBox, etc. Here's the original scene, for context:

Someone from the Sherlockian movement has developed their own: Hitler's reaction when he discovers the trailer to the Sherlock Holmes movie is real. You can watch it below.

We recognize that any reference to one of the most hated people in history is likely to stir some emotions or to question our editorial judgment. Please understand that we are completely aware of the atrocities committed by this individual and that we are in no way condoning the horrors that he brought upon millions; in fact, we completely denounce them. We are simply sharing something in the popular culture related to our hobby.