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We're closing in on the final days before Christmas, and as you may be aware, the shopping malls can be a danger zone when it comes to parking and fending your way through the crowds. If you're open to the notion of online shopping, we have some solutions for you when it comes to shopping for younger Sherlockians.

If you're looking for some Sherlock Holmes themed activities to introduce the great detective to a youngster in your life, a good place to start is Dover Publications. They've traditionally done a great job with their thin volumes like Six Sherlock Holmes Stories. But they've actually got some other books that will keep the kiddies busy over the holiday break.
Of course, there are other items aside from books and crafts for kids interested in the character. We've selected a handful of toys from Amazon that you may want to consider for your (inner) Sherlockian child.

Feel free to browse around - and let us know in the comments section if you have any other recommendations.