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As part of our editorial duties, we always strive for a unique and original title for our posts. As such, we try not to duplicate the Canonical phrases that aptly sum up the topic at hand on any given day. And in nearly 500 posts, we've managed to avoid any such duplication, for the most part.

The only exception to that has been the post "The Second Morning After Christmas" [BLUE] which has been used in 2006 and 2008 previously. As is the custom with the Wall Street Journal, which annually reproduces a 1961 editorial on the pilgrims in the new world, we saw no reason to avoid replication here.

So, we bring you "Two Days After Christmas," a tribute to "The Blue Carbuncle" in the style of Clement Moore's A Visit from St. Nick.

Two Days After Christmas

Please feel free to share and use this at your own Sherlockian society holiday meetings. The only thing we ask is that you attribute the poem to its rightful author.

For those of you inclined more to listening rather than reading, here's the audio version, courtesy of I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere: