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"I saw them a moment later streaming" [SIGN] 

The big news from Amazon is that they have enabled streaming video for Prime members (available only in the U.S. currently). This means that Netflix now has a competitor in the streaming video-on-demand segment.

With this service, Amazon Prime members have the ability to watch unlimited, commercial-free instant streaming of some 5,000 movies and TV shows on your PC, Mac, Internet-enabled television, Blu-Ray players or set-top boxes.

Some of the titles that Amazon highlighted with their announcement that might also appeal to our readership include: Doctor Who, Fawlty Towers and The BBC Office. We also spotted Jeeves and Wooster. But you're probably interested in another subject.

To wit, here is a list of Sherlock Holmes movies and TV shows available for streamingfrom Amazon. From Wonter to Rathbone, Brett, Downey, Cumberbatch and more (including a few surprises!) you'll have a wide variety to choose from.

Are you planning on trying this service? What title(s) in the lineup interest you?

Image credit: Digital Sextant (Flickr)