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"answers which I gave him" [SIGN] 

Last week, for Valentine's Day, we posed a short quiz to test your knowledge on love interests in the Canon. We received a couple of dozen responses, seven of which answered every question correctly. We had hoped that we created a quiz that was at once familiar and easy, but not without a few challenges.

A couple of the challenges that we threw in included: all three Cushing sisters from "The Cardboard Box," in addition to the surname Tregennis in "The Devil's Foot" we added Tregallis, which was the surname of the gamekeeper in "The Musgrave Ritual." These two questions seemed to throw most of you off.

In case you're interested in the answers, the key is below.
  1. Jefferson Hope
  2. Mary Cushing
  3. Jack Crocker
  4. Grace Dunbar
  5. Brenda Tregennis
  6. Leonardo
  7. Henry Wood
  8. Cyril Morton
  9. Hilton Cubitt

We'll be reaching out to our randomly-selected winner so they may select their prize. Thank you for following along with the fun; if you feel the need to bone up on your skills, there's always The Sherlock Holmes Quiz Book.

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