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As part of any Sherlockian societies' activities, I would imagine there are a number of photographs taken. Here's a simple request: if you're planning on taking digital photos at Sherlockian events, please consider uploading them to Flickr, a free online service for storing and sharing photos. Whatever digital service you use, please use the descriptor "Sherlockian" when tagging or labeling your photos.

Tagging is a key part of what's called folksonomy, a way of connecting individuals on the Web based on common interests and terms. That way, when someone searches the Web for "Sherlockian," they'll be greeted with results from Sherlockian events. Thank you for helping to connect our community through the Web!


Jens Byskov Jensen said... January 8, 2007 at 11:12 PM

Here is one such attempt: