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"Well, I'll borrow that if I may" [VALL] 

From our good friend John Baesch comes this interesting feature story from Sunday's Washington Post called Return to Lender.
The book of Sherlock Holmes stories just showed up one day at a Silver Spring high school library, 42 years overdue. Would it be a case befitting the detective itself?
John makes a good point in his email when he notes that the perpetrator not only is worthy of a prayer or two, but he leaves us wanting more. Why was it that he only discovered the book 42 years later? Did he read the stories in the interim?

A little slice of life that gets at the inner Sherlockian in all of us - even if we are one for a moment in our brief time on this planet.



Anonymous said... January 23, 2007 at 5:05 AM

Perhaps, much as Jabez Wilson might have been slow-written, the borrower may be slow-readin'.

A week or two at The Gables, the well-know coaching establishment, could be recommended.

"Harold Stackhurst"

Anonymous said... February 3, 2007 at 3:17 AM

A witty remark Mr. Stackhurst, yet completely speculative and most importantly totally off the mark.

A man like Steve Sampogna who cares enough about returning a tome to it's rightful place -in the same gentle, witty and graceful way he is processing his own personal "return to sender", deserves a more thought out and respectful response than you have attempted. Perhaps you should re-read the story. Seems you have missed your mark.
Annie Sampogna-Reid