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January 6th couldn't pass without an acknowledgement of the birthday of the world's first unoffcial consulting detective. To celebrate, those of you who have a penchant for all things Scottish, should check out the Scottish Lion import site. From kilts to haggis, tartan ties to bagpipes, it's all there.

Of particular interest to Sherlockians is their Sherlock Holmes Tea. I have no idea what it tastes like, but for those of you who prefer loose tea and who might like to experience what it may have been like to receive tea from Mrs. Hudson at 221B Baker Street, this is your opportunity to indulge.


Anonymous said... January 8, 2007 at 7:09 PM

Actually "Sherlock Holmes Tea" tins make a great space filler in one's luggage when returning across the pond. Elimanate the need to think about purchasing books, etc.
If I remember correctly I obtained a goodly number in the Westminster Abbey Gift Shoppe.

Warren Randall