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"those week-end parties" [SOLI]

Wow. Another BSI Weekend has come and gone. Every year, we await the festivities - particularly in the months between the invitation and the events - with great anticipation and excitement, akin to a child in the weeks and days before Christmas. And then, before you know it, the wrapping paper is strewn all over the floor, the meat trimmings are sitting on the platter, guests have left, and you're wondering where the holiday went.

We'll be adding a few separate entries to follow up, but suffice it to say that the weekend was a great success. Here are are a couple of Baker Street Irregulars and Baker Street Journal news items for now.

Mike Whelan, the head of the BSI, noted that in his time at the helm - 10 years now - the Irregulars have managed to produce 58 separate publications - including issues of the BSJ, Christmas Annuals, History Series, Manuscript Series, International Series and an excursion publication.

This year, the BSI unveiled two new publications: Mandate for Murder, the fifth in the BSI Manuscript Series; and Scandinavia and Sherlock Holmes, the second in the BSI International Series. Both are beautifully designed and are the result of hard work from the editors. More details can be found on the BSJ site.

Also, the Morley-Montogmery Award recipient was announced on Thursday evening at a reception just prior to the lecture. The winner for the best article appearing in the Journal in 2006 is Harold Billings, for his piece The Materia Medica of Sherlock Holmes. Congratulations, Harold.

We'll continue our updates with photos, news of the Beacon Society, and other tidbits from the weekend.

Plan ahead: next year's BSI Weekend will take place from January 10 - 12, 2008.