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"this competition between them" [STUD]

Not to be outdone by his friend, Sherlock Holmes competitor and Frankenstein co-star, Jonny Lee Miller is getting into the charity act as well.

You may recall that in January, Benedict Cumberbatch signed a deerstalker cap for charity. That auction, held on eBay, raised more than £2,000 for St. Mungo's. The bidding was intense, and one lucky fan walked away with the treasured "death frisbee" for the keeping. And St. Mungo's earned a respectable gift for its important work with the homeless.

Inspired by his erstwhile colleague and costar, Miller has decided to make a more permanent impact than left by the Sharpie that Cumberbatch used on the Sherlockian head-gear. As you know, Miller has a number of tattoos on his body, which he has shown on Elementary.
Image courtesy of the Jonny Lee Miller Appreciation Society (Tumblr)

Of course, one of them - "26.2" to be exact - represents the many marathons that Jonny has run (a marathon being 26.2 miles long). In fact, he ran one ultramarathon last year (50 miles) to support Jonah's Just Begun, a foundation established to help cure Sanfilippo disease, and raised over $170,000.

This year, Miller is taking part in a 112-mile long Iron Man Triathlon in an effort to help generate enough fan support for him to join the other Sherlock Holmes - Robert Downey, Jr., to be exact - in Iron Man 4, which at this point exists as a Kickstarter project. If Miller is successful in doing so, it means he'll have shared the screen with the other Sherlock Holmes of his time.

How you can help

If Miller is able to generate 100,000 signatures by April 31, 2014, he'll train for and participate in Iron Man Lake Tahoe in September 2014 - and - will get an Iron Man tattoo to commemorate the occasion. Please take a moment and sign the petition and let's see if we can get the Sherlocks to assemble!

Or maybe not.

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Image credit: CrayfordDresden (YouTube)