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"I should like to see Mrs. King." [DANC] 

The 2007 Baker Street Irregulars Distinguished Speaker Lecture was held this evening at the Williams Club. Our speaker: none other than the author Laurie R. King, author of the very successful Mary Russell series and the equally as popular Kate Martinelli series.

This evening Ms. King spoke to the assembled members (there were about 110 of us packed in) about how it was that she first discovered Sherlock Holmes -- when she was 35. She was very comfortable speaking to the group, noting that "Sherlockians are too humorous to bear grudges."

She acknowledged that Sherlock Holmes was the inspiration for Mary Russell and that Russell is really a 20th Century mirror image of Holmes. She does not view the Russell series as pastiche but as variations on a theme -- much as Mozart, Rachmaninov, and Brahms have done.

She also presented King's Theory of the Migratory Jezail Bullet Wound. Without giving it away, we'll just say that her theory was entirely new and creative. Check out the Spring 2007 issue of The Baker Street Journal.

And for the record, Mary Russell is not pregnant.