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"with plenty of snap about him" [STOC]

We try not to be too trendy here at I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere, lest we leave some of our core audience behind. Then again, as we've witnessed with hit shows like Sherlock, sometimes there's another audience out there that has yet to discover the wonders of what we do.

When it comes to making ourselves available across the web, of course we're on Facebook; after all, 1.5 billion people can't be wrong. We have a Twitter account, as the microblogging network is a great way to share quick thoughts, spread news and connect with others. You can find us on Instagram, where we try to showcase collections, objects and travel images that are of Sherlockian value. [If you don't get connect with us on those sites/apps, please do. We'll wait.]

Now on Snapchat

Recently, we decided to see what all of the fuss was about regarding Snapchat. You've probably heard of Snapchat, particularly if you know anyone under the age of 20. In fact, Snapchat has surpassed Facebook in popularity in the 12-24 year-old demographic, and it has more users than Twitter. This is more than a trend. So, we're getting involved.

I Hear of Sherlock everywhere now has a presence on Snapchat. Our handle there is the same as on every other social network: ihearofsherlock.

We won't get into the details of how to use Snapchat. If you'd like a guide, here are a few:

To add us on Snapchat, simply follow these directions:

Just in Time for 221B Con

One of the things that users can do on Snapchat is add geofilters to their photos that correspond to their location. Geofilters are images and features that you can add to your photos to dress them up a bit. By making them associated with a particular place or event, it makes things even more interesting.

To turn on filters in your settings:

For iOS devices:
Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services, and turn on for Snapchat

For Android devices:
Go to Settings > Location > Turn on
For more information on using filters, see Snapchat's guide to geofilters.

Since we can't be at 221B Con in Atlanta, we've done the next best thing. I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere has created a #221Bcon Snapchat geofilter. [Click to tweet]

Our filter will take your selfie and add the iconic IHOSE hat and pipe. So an image that starts out like this:

Then if you're at 221B Con, you'll be able to see the geofilter by swiping to the right:
Which in turn will give you a snap like this:

It's meant to be lighthearted, fun, and goofy — some of the attributes that come to mind when Sherlockians gather to just be themselves and enjoy their favorite pastime together.

Meanwhile, don't forget to follow us on Snapchat and share some of your own Sherlockian zaniness with us.

Happy snapping!