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"absolute nonsense" [VALL]

This episode is a little different. As you know, we alternate between interview shows and Burt and Scott discussing whatever comes to mind. In this case, we had a number of news-related items to stitch together, but we had help in doing so. This was something of a chowder, a goulash, a salmagundi, a boullabaise, a melange of content.

First, Bob Katz, BSI ("Dr. Anstruther") joined us again, but this time he told us all about "The Mind and Art of Sherlock Holmes" — the latest in the BSI's series of quadrennial conferences. This gathering at the Chatauqua Institution is not exclusive to Baker Street Irregulars; it's open to any Sherlockian who wishes to participate in a conference centered around art of all sorts. In this case, that includes theater, film, music and even podcasting (!). Plenty of food, drink, Sherlockian shopping, sightseeing and more.

Rachel Smillie, Ph.D. is a research assistant at the University of Porsmouth, where she's conducting a study of Sherlockians and their organizations, called "Celebrities, Fans and Muses." She is interested in getting in touch with Sherlockians from all over the world. If you're involved with a Sherlockian society — particularly if you lead one — please get in touch with Dr. Smillie to participate in the survey.

We subject Ron Lies to a Wait Wait Don't Tell Me-inspired quiz in which Scott does a mediocre Bill Kurtis impression, and then we get on with the news.

The Editor's Gas-Lamp is "The Days We Envy" from Vol. 4, No. 3 of the Baker Street Journal from 1954. And our Easter egg contains some tales from Down Under and a surprise update on one of the earlier news items. Not to mention a spoken error about geography, because Scott had the wrong country on the brain.

Finally, we discuss Episode 95 in which we'll interview Jamie Mahoney and Leah Guinn, authors of A Curious Collection of Dates. And we brainstorm what we'll do in Episode 100. If you have ideas for what we should do for our centennial show, please let us know.

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1:52 Welcome
3:35 First sponsor — which will it be?
6:01 Bob Katz joins us to talk about the BSI conference in Chatauqua
27:25 Second sponsor — including some trivia about Arthur Conan Doyle and the first speeding ticket in a small Connecticut town
31:15 Rachel Smillie from the University of Portsmouth
40:57 Mental Exaltation
51:20 Third sponsor
53:46 The news!
1:09:33 The Editor's Gas-Lamp
1:15:16 Closing comments
1:16:00 Our 100th episode


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