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"I had the story from my father" [HOUN]

From the relationship between Arthur Conan Doyle and Charles Altamont Doyle to the various fathers and father figures in the Canon, it's fascinating to consider paternal impacts in the Sherlock Holmes stories.

Far from being a homogeneous and idyllic characterization of fatherhood like some greeting card, fathers in the Sherlock Holmes stories are a mixed bag. The heroic John Ferrier and magnanimous Grant Munro represent the best in fathers, while on the other end of the spectrum, the nefarious Grimesby Roylott and Jephro Rucastle show just how abusive and criminal some can be.

Perhaps this is an opportunity to listen to Episode 43 again - an evergreen episode in which we dissect and analyze certain father figures. Interestingly, many stand-in fathers tend to be better paternal figures than the biological fathers. See if you agree.

And until next year, we have the pleasure to wish you a very happy Father's Day, however you may celebrate it.