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"...a cascade of children's bricks." [TWIS]

Sherlock Holmes and LEGOs seem to go together quite well. We've posted about it previously. Well, now we found a LEGO CUUSOO that you might be interested in. "What's a LEGO CUUSOO?" you ask? Allow us to explain.

LEGO enthusiasts are constantly creating, sharing and dreaming up what they'd like to do with LEGOs. The CUUSOO community gives them a place to show off these ideas, get them voted up, and then reviewed by LEGO. The requirements are that a project must have 10,000 votes before it will be submitted to a quarterly review.

In this case, CUUSOO member flailx has created the sitting room from 221B Baker Street as seen in the BBC's Sherlock. If we all get over there and vote now, we'll be able to get this reviewed for production!

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