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"Ah! That is suggestive." [SPEC] 

A number of years ago, we published a small pamphlet called "Sherlockian Sillies." We recently unearthed it and had a good chuckle. And the recent airing of The Baker Street Babes' Sherlock After Dark Part I podcast episode, as well as Sherlock Peoria's assessment of the same got us to thinking.

So we decided to resurrect this favorite. Each and every one of these quotes is pulled directly from the original text of the Canon.

The Top 10 Most Suggestive Lines from the Sherlock Holmes Stories

  1. "Mrs. Hudson has been knocked up." [SPEC] 
  2. "I went to it on my knees." [EMPT] 
  3. "A sudden ejaculation caused me to wake up." [TWIS] 
  4. "It’s lucky for you…or you would find yourself in Queer Street." [SECO] 
  5. "He seemed to take a fancy to me from the first…one thing led to another." [WIST] 
  6. "In the bathroom…I have just been there, and I have taken it out." [TWIS] 
  7. "Still, I confess that I miss my rubber. It is the first Saturday night in seven-and-twenty years that I have not had my rubber." [REDH] 
  8. "I remember nothing until I found myself lying on my bed trembling all over. Then I thought of you, Mr. Holmes." [COPP] 
  9. "I heard a little sigh of satisfaction as he cuddled the butt into his shoulder, and saw that amazing target." [EMPT] 
  10. "A week later I found myself in Florence." [EMPT]

Which is (or are) your favorite? And perhaps you have some additional suggestive lines from the stories that we missed. Drop us a note and let us know so we can expand our little list.

The game continues to be afoot with this entry: "More Suggestive Phrases from the Sherlock Holmes Stories."

*If you're wondering about the four-letter abbreviations after each quote, the key is here.