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“What do you want with the coffin?” [LADY] 

As a rule, Sherlockians and Holmesians are a welcoming bunch. But occasionally you'll see arguments spring up about why a certain book, film, television show, play, or other related project is rubbish. Well, that's completely subjective, isn't it?

The guiding light of the Sherlockian movement since its earliest days is rooted in having fun. And who is one person to tell another person how they can have fun? Such is the motivating factor behind Doyle's Rotary Coffin, a concept of Paul Thomas Miller.

Paul joined us to discuss his quest to acknowledge that anyone's Holmes has something to offer. And to preview his upcoming project: a chronology of the Sherlock Holmes stories titled Watson Does Not Lie (available soon from Wildside Press). Paul set out to create a chronology that didn't rely on excuses like Watson's poor handwriting, a slip of the memory, or outright fabrications. And he's created quite a convincing argument.

We also hear stories from Paul's native Portsmouth, U.K., where he has at his fingertips the Arthur Conan Doyle Collection Lancelyn Green Bequest at the Portsmouth Library.

We have to take a break from Mattias Boström's "As We Go to Press," as he's working on a scoop for the next episode. We've found a replacement segment for your enjoyment. Also, please try your hand at the latest Canonical Couplet quiz, see if you can figure out the story we're referring to, and you might win a prize.

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