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"Apply 221B" [NAVA]

Back in stock after a few years, it's the oval sticker that the Sherlockian world can claim as its own.

You've likely seen the oval stickers made famous on automobiles all over Europe: GB (Great Britain), IRL (Ireland), D (Germany), NL (Netherlands), etc. Or perhaps you've seen their American cousins: MV (Martha's Vineyard), OBX (Outer Banks), as well as any of the two-letter state abbreviations. We've even seen some fun ones like WINE (Napa Valley) and USMC (US Marine Corps).

Years ago, we were bothered that Sherlockians didn't have one of their own. And then we found ourselves behind a vehicle sporting an oval sticker reading "26.2" — the length of a marathon. And we quickly realized that more than letters could sit within the logo.

We immediately set out to create our own version and we came up with the 221B oval sticker, which sold out fairly quickly. We've added an 1895 version as well, so you can tell everyone that you may drive a horseless carriage, but "it's always 1895."

Select the design or designs that work for you — including any you might like to give as a gift or include in holiday cards this year. Make your vehicle an homage to Sherlock Holmes. Don't drive? No problem — use it on your laptop, refrigerator, pinboard or even your cat. Well, maybe not your refrigerator, let's not be silly.