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If you were tasked with writing about the significance of Sherlock Holmes in popular culture, how would you go about it? After all, it's been a topic of numerous books throughout the years and we're currently awash in Sherlock Holmes books, shows, websites and the rest.

Journalist Zach Dundas took a very unconventional approach with his book The Great Detective: The Amazing Rise and Immortal Life of Sherlock Holmes. It's a combination travelogue, memoir and cultural biography that brings us through the Sherlock Holmes chronologically. Zach joins us to talk about the writing process and the Sherlock Holmes bug that bit him so many years ago. Along the way, you might even encounter a familiar name or two.

We examine the dual nature of Arthur Conan Doyle and the striking differences - and similarities - between him and his unfortunate father, Charles Altamont Doyle. But more than that, we discuss the enigmatic nature of the legendary author and examine his increasing fervor over Spiritualism. All of this and the growing fascination with Sherlock Holmes by increasingly larger numbers of people.

We of course have our usual roundup of Sherlock Holmes news, from Laura Linney professing her early love of Sherlock Holmes to battles of copyright ,and debates among Sherlockians. That plus our usual set of sponsors (including one very special one) and the Mental Exaltation quiz round out the show.

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1:30 Introductory remarks and witty banter
3:30 IHOSE goes to New York
8:15 Check out the special way to contact us
9:45 News and commentary
20:26 Sponsors - including one you shouldn't miss
26:20 Interview with Zach Dundas
1:19:53 Mental Exaltation quiz show
1:25:25 Final comments
And you might want to be sure you pay attention for a special Easter egg somewhere in the show...

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