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As we recently wrote, we're anxiously awaiting the release of the new film Mr. Holmes, starring Ian McKellen, which thus far has been the subject of far too few visual updates.

The new film is concerned with the long-retired detective, now 93 years old and living in Sussex, and his interactions with a young boy who causes him to reflect on an earlier case in his life. It is based on Mitch Cullen's A Slight Trick of the Mind and is expected to be a huge success, given the cult following of McKellen and the recent renaissance in Sherlock Holmes in multimedia.

Up until now, we've only had the pleasure of seeing Sir Ian in still shots, either from his Twitter feed or through various paparazzi.

But now we're treated to an exclusive trailer for the film, just days ahead of the Berlin Film Festival, where it makes its debut:

According to the label on the clip, the film will make an appearance in theaters this summer.

What are your impressions to the latest interpretation of the great detective?

A tip of the deerstalker to @delwilliams for flagging this news.