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"I was invited to a weekend gathering" [LAST]

The Baker Street Irregulars Weekend has long been a set of annual events that is anticipated with great joy. Which is why those of us who have been going or who have heard about it for years are always thrilled to see the invitation arrive in the mail.

An email we received from Susan Rice, BSI, 2s, ASH ("Beeswing") and Mickey Fromkin, BSI, ASH ("The Missing Three-Quarter") for the William Gillette Luncheon summed it up nicely:
Children dream of Christmas or Chanukah, gourmands long for Thanksgiving, Champagne lovers await New Year's Eve, but those who follow the Master cast their anticipation past these holidays and look forward to what we still call the birthday weekend, though it can last five days."
Of course, the BSI Dinner for many is the signature event, with its invitation-only status. And while it may be tempting to sulk for those who don't receive an invitation to BSI Dinner, it's important to note that the Weekend lasts from Wednesday to Sunday and that there is only a single event that is closed to the public. Which is one of the reasons we call bsiweekend.com the Baker Street Irregulars and Friends Weekend.

And frankly, for us, the attraction of the festivities has never been solely about the BSI Dinner. The first time we attended the dinner, it was pretty exciting, but each successive year, it's been about the entire experience of the full weekend - traveling there with friends, seeing familiar faces from a year ago, meeting up with regulars (and Irregulars), exchanging stories about families, jobs, hobbies and more. It's about cavorting with our fellow Sherlockians, regardless of who has an invitation to which dinner.

The BSI and Friends Weekend site and the Baker Street Journal site each have information related to the activities that will be taking place in New York City in January 2014. There you'll be able to find information about all of the essential events, from the BSI Distinguished Speaker Lecture (as opposed to the BSI Distinguished Lecturer Speech) to the William Gillette Lunch, Vendors Room and BSI Reception, among others.

And once again, the Baker Street Babes are bringing it with their second annual Daintiest Thing Under a Bonnet Charity Ball, with proceeds going toward the Wounded Warrior Project. We'll be looking to collect some material for the podcast, catch up with our sponsors and host a little reception for our contributors.

Oh, and once again, we'll be trying to share as much as we can via the #BSIWeekend hashtag on Twitter.

All in all, it's going to be some weekend. Way more fun than those guys seemed to be having at the 1951 BSI dinner above.