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"my surprise reached a climax" [STUD] 

You may recall our list of The Top 10 Most Suggestive Lines from the Sherlock Holmes Stories. It was one of the most popular posts, and as such, we thought we'd revisit it.

A rather unorthodox arrangement in "The Speckled Band":
"In the first place, both my friend and I must spend the night in your room."
Both Miss Stoner and I gazed at him in astonishment.

And perhaps some creative use of implements while in Miss Stoner's bedroom:
Holmes had brought up a long thin cane, and this he placed upon the bed beside him.

Dr. Watson, questioning his voyeuristic tendencies in The Hound of the Baskervilles:
I was deeply ashamed to have witnessed so intimate a scene without my friend's knowledge

In The Valley of Fear, we're reminded not to go down to the city...
"strange things had happened to him in that great city, so strange and so intimate that they might not be spoken of."

Mrs. St. Clair caught off guard in "The Man With the Twisted Lip":
"she suddenly heard an ejaculation or cry, and was struck cold to see her husband looking down at her"

If you can identify any other suggestive phrases in the Canon, please share them in a comment below.