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"But Now Your Thoughts Went Back to Beecher..." [CARD]

In the opening of "The Cardboard Box" (and "The Resident Patient," for that matter), Holmes makes the following observation of Watson as Watson stared at the photograph of Henry Ward Beecher:
But now your thoughts went back to Beecher, and you looked hard across as if you were studying the character in his features. Then your eyes ceased to pucker, but you continued to look across, and your face was thoughtful. You were recalling the incidents of Beecher's career. I was well aware that you could not do this without thinking of the mission which he undertook on behalf of the North at the time of the Civil War, for I remember your expressing your passionate indignation at the way in which he was received by the more turbulent of our people.
There is a new book out about Beecher, titled The Most Famous Man in America, that was recently reviewed: "Supposed that a man with Bill Clinton's charisma and wayward habits were the son of Billy Graham and had become the most famous liberal preacher in the country. He might be something like a contemporary equivalent of the 19th-century superstar Henry Ward Beecher.


Anonymous said... July 24, 2006 at 9:08 PM

To the hen, said an eminent preacher,
"My dear, you're an elegant creature."
And she, just for that, laid an egg in his hat.
Thus, did the hen
reward Beecher.

On Gillette's birthday, Scott, you might mention one of Beecher's relatives, eh?