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Today is the anniversary of the birth of the stage actor most closely associated with the role of Sherlock Holmes. William Gillette was born on July 24, 1853 in Hartford, Connecticut.

If you're you were in the area on Sunday, join you would have seen the Men on the Tor's picnic at Gillette Castle to celebrate this happy event.



Anonymous said... July 25, 2006 at 11:16 AM

July 24th, dear boy.
The picnic happened on Sunday, July 23rd. We would have mailed you up some birthday cake, but it has soft white frosting and it wouldn't have travelled.

This one had a sugar panel, computerized recreation of a Steele profile of SH and the usual birthday greetings.

Some dear old gent who knew Guymon back in the day pattered up and we had a most pleasant exchange about the fabulous collection at Occidental College. Did we, he wanted to know, ever hear of the Baker Street Irregulars?