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The Summer (not June!) issue of the Baker Street Journal is on its way! We ask you to be patient as the Post Office does its thing.

In the meantime, you might check out the current contents of the Journal, which include:
  • The latest Editor's Gas-Lamp
  • The featured article, Watson's Weird Tales, by former BSJ editor Phil Shreffler, concerning horror elements in Sherlock Holmes Canon
  • The text of Leroy Lad Panek's 2006 BSI Distinguished Lecture on the origins of the detective story in America
  • David Musto's investigation of genetics and heredity in the Canon
  • Arthur Conan Doyle as a whaler and a sailor, by Walter Jaffee and Deborah Herman, respectively
  • Marshall Berdan pays a visit to Ronald Mansbridge, BSI, who turned 100 last November
  • Charles Press delves into the timing and details in Arthur Conan Doyle's life in an effort to determine exactly when he met Jean Leckie, the future Mrs. Conan Doyle. The results may surprise you.
  • Another former editor of the BSJ, Donald Pollock, continues the tradition of "Maybe You Collect Yourself, Sir..." with an explanation of the Longman's "new edition" of The Hound of the Baskervilles
  • And the usual roundup of the Baker Street Inventory, the editor's Commonplace Book, Scott Bond's artwork, and Letters to Baker Street
As always, we would like to hear what you think! We've set up another poll at the top of the blog to get your thoughts.


Anonymous said... July 15, 2006 at 4:05 AM

"...I Observe That Tour Circulation is More Adapted for Summer..."

"Tour circulation"? I thought we were going to get something about organised tours of Sherlock Holmes's London or the like, but it turns out to be an intriguing typo for "your circulation".

The Pall Mall Gazette, BSI