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"a brief review of what had passed" [THOR]

We've received news from Ashley Polasek (whom you may recall from Episode 177: Being Sherlock) that she is launching a new publication: The Conan Doyle Review.

You might be asking, "Is this necessary?" Well, hold that thought for a moment. A quick word about where we are.

As you're probably aware, there is the Friends of the Arthur Conan Doyle Collection, a group specifically focused on the support of said collection at the Toronto Public Library.

Separately, The Arthur Conan Doyle Society was established by Christopher Roden, BSI ("Sir Henry Baskerville") and Barbara Roden, BSI ("Beryl Stapleton"), but is now defunct. From the late 1980s through the late 1990s, they published The Parish Magazine, the newsletter of the Arthur Conan Doyle Society and ACD: The Journal of the Arthur Conan Doyle Society.

But for 20 years, there has been nothing in terms of a dedicated place for scholarship about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Certainly the Sherlockian and Doylean communities do not lack for publications, in terms of the traditional (journals, books, and newsletters) and the new (online outlets to discuss publications past an present).

Dr. Polasek raises an excellent point about the scholarship that's doing nothing in the night-time:
"We don’t have a home specifically for peer-reviewed scholarship. This is in spite of the number of academics we have in our ranks, and in spite of the fact that a lot of scholars who aren’t part of the Sherlockian community write on Conan Doyle’s life and works. Most Sherlockians miss those articles because they appear scattered in discipline-specific academic journals with small, specialist readerships."

Therefore, she is establishing The Conan Doyle Review as
"A home for scholars across disciplines to publish work on Conan Doyle’s life, works, creative afterlives, and cultural legacies in a journal with academic rigor and professional distinction—a journal that welcomes readers who don’t necessarily research and write such articles themselves, but would nevertheless be interested in reading them. The Conan Doyle Review will sit at the intersection of the academic, Sherlockian, and Doylean worlds."

Today, Polasek announced the launch of The Conan Doyle Review. She'll be serving as Founding Editor-in-Chief. Dr. Kate Brombley will be the Senior Associate Editor and Mary Alcaro is the Associate Editor.

The editorial board is growing and the team will be working through the winter and spring to set up its peer-review management system, promote the journal’s mission, advertise, and raise funds.

The expectation is that they'll begin accepting submissions from independent scholars in the summer and will publish the first issue in the spring of 2021.

Meanwhile, you can find them on Twitter as @ACDReview and on Facebook, and questions can be directed to editor@acdreview.org.