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"fixed like a plum" [SIXN] 

The casual reader wouldn't necessarily associate Sherlock Holmes with P.G. Wodehouse. Or P.G. Woodhouse with Sherlock Holmes. Fortunately, we're more of the formal types.

And so are our guests!

Three – count 'em, three – guests join us this time around. They are Curtis Armstrong, Elliot Milstein, and Ashley Polasek, and they are the two authors and editor of A Plum Assignment: Discourses on P.G. Wodehouse and His World. They are Wodehouse experts who also happen to (mostly) have more than a passing familiarity with Sherlock Holmes.

We spend some time with them looking at the intersection of Plum and Conan Doyle's works, and also look at why Wodehouse was so universally enjoyable and why we keep returning to his stories again and again. And how Sherlockians and Wodehousians are remarkably similar in their interactions. The book itself has a survey of opening lines from Wodehouse works, where you'll find such gems as:
I reached out a hand from under the blankets and rang the bell for Jeeves.
"Good evening, Jeeves."
"Good morning, sir."

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Transcript - I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere Episode 143: PG Wodehouse & Sherlock Holmes