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"he was a young schoolmaster" [MUSG] 

We're constantly impressed at the onion-like tendencies of Sherlockians. That's not to say that they're pungent or make you cry, but rather that like the genus Allium, when peeled, has a surprising number of layers.

So it is with Rob Nunn, a relatively recent Sherlockian who has come blazing into our sites. Rob has been a contributor here on the I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere site and has created his own blog. But his involvement with the Beacon Society (including being a recipient of the Beacon Award) and a unique Sherlock Holmes novel have propelled him into the realm of other Sherlockians as well.

Rob takes us on a journey that helps frame how he managed to conceive of Sherlock Holmes not as the master detective, but as The Criminal Mastermind of Baker Street.

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1:38 Hello there!
5:22 Wessex Press
6:44 Undergraduate pagan rituals
8:30 Welcome Rob Nunn
12:27 Finding other Sherlockians around St. Louis
22:00 Holmes in the Heartland
28:16 The Baker Street Journal
29:49 Rob's book The Criminal Mastermind of Baker Street
39:22 Interesting Though Elementary
43:03 Involvement with the Beacon Society
48:10 Teaching Sherlock Holmes to different age levels
53:27 Pardon us
58:35 Canonical Couplet


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Transcript - I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere Episode 142: The Criminal Mastermind of Baker Street