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"those weekend parties" [SOLI]

The unofficial kickoff of the #BSIWeekend is ASH Wednesday

As you've probably heard, the BSI Weekend is upon us.

We've been chronicling the annual events here on I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere since January 2006. As you can imagine, staying up late and chronicling what happened each day was a bit of a slog.

The good news is that with the advent of smartphones and social media in the hands of many, the array of photos and observations has been expanded greatly, and the technology to assemble stories has gotten better.

Therefore, consider this post (which will be updated throughout the weekend) to hold everything related to the BSI Weekend. And if you're out there taking part in the festivities, please don't forget to tag your content #BSIWeekend so we can find it and add it to our Storify below.

Photo credit: @PrioryNYC