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"Holmes looked thoughtful." [VALL]

Sherlockian needlepoint closeup

We think we're pretty fortunate here at IHOSE. That's because we have the best fans. While we could be accused of having a slight bias, we think back to what Sherlock Holmes said of Captain Jack Croker: "you ring true every time." [ABBE]

In this case, we're referring to superfan Steve Mason, whom we had the pleasure of meeting at the BSI Weekend in January. Steve told us that he drove to New York from Texas, and "to make the drive fun and more enriching, I listened to all 60 episodes during the drive (many of them for the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th times)."

As if that weren't testament enough to Steve's dedication, he created a rather unique needlepoint. You may recognize the design.

The I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere Sherlock Holmes logo as interpreted in needlepoint.

Thanks to Steve and all of our dedicated readers and listeners! We really enjoy knowing that you're getting something out of our efforts.

Do you have a piece of handmade Sherlockian ephemera? Let us know what it is.