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"rejoicing in the music" [SOLI]

Other than being a Sherlockian, one of my obsessions in this world is movie soundtracks. I have collected soundtracks from the Granada TV series with Jeremy Brett, a compilation of classic themes from 221B Baker Street, as well as the soundtrack to the musical Baker Street.

Sherlock Holmes TV SoundtrackBaker Street, A Musical Adventure of Sherlock Holmes (1965 Original Broadway Cast)Sherlock Holmes: Classic Themes From 221B Baker Street (Television And Film Score Anthology)

The "Classic Themes" CD includes some beautiful and haunting music from The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes, composed by Miklos Rosza. After the movie, Rosza expanded upon that theme, creating his Violin Concerto, Op. 24, which I also added to my collection. Its majesty, sorrow, and its soaring themes have Canonical inspiration at every turn. It's one of my favorite CDs to listen to while I read the stories.

But one of the most elusive sountracks on my list - Sherlockian or otherwise - has been that of Young Sherlock Holmes. The 2-CD set is extremely rare, commanding between $150 - $200 on eBay. I have tried to obtain it in an economical fashion for some time and have come up short.

Well, look no further, Sherlockians and soundtrack fans. A blog called The Slaughtered Lamb has posted mp3 files from this very rare original score. Get over there and download it before it's gone!