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There's a little gathering up in Toronto in a couple of weeks that, if you can manage to swing it, is going to be a major Sherlockian/Doylean event.

The Friends of the Arthur Conan Doyle Collection, the Bootmakers of Toronto, and the Arthur Conan Doyle Society are hosting ACD@35, a major conference celebrating 35 years of the Arthur Conan Doyle Collection at the Toronto Central Library.

With an impressive array of distinguished speakers, the conference is slated to kick off on Thursday, October 19 with a walking tour of Conan Doyle's Toronto, followed by a showing of Murder by Decree, and continues with sessions on Friday to Sunday, October 20-22, with a banquet on Saturday night, and an auction and entertainment on Sunday morning.

If you can tear yourself away from the "weary workaday world" for a few days, ACD@35 will certainly give you a good reason for heading to Toronto.