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"a malicious and abominable smile" [DYIN]

You've likely seen the online chatter and either managed to see the episode or miss the spoilers for Sherlock: The Abominable Bride to date. Before listening to this episode, we recommend watching (or even re-watching) it, for you'll have better context around some of our references.

We're pleased to bring you some of our observations and even some conjecture about the intent and direction of the show based on our viewings. We even throw in nods to Alfred Hitchcock and Orson Welles And don't be surprised if a few musical references manage to weave themselves into the narrative [don't miss Scott's favorite clip at 38:45].

We're currently at the BSI Weekend as we post this, and we talk about some of the people we'll see and have on the show soon. We also mention bringing IHOSE on the road this autumn, we read listener comments, welcome a new sponsor, and include an audio trailer to a new Dr. Who crossover.

We of course manage to squeeze in a Gas-Lamp, this time from Vol. 33, No. 1 of The Baker Street Journal before it's all through.

A special thank you to Mary Miller and Christian Mongaard for your continued extraordinary support!


This episode includes our two longtime sponsors that deserve your attention:

The Wessex Press, featuring three new titles for 2016: Sherlock Holmes and Conan Doyle in the Newspapers Vol. 2, A Curious Collection of Dates, and A Quick Succession of Subjects, and The Baker Street Journal, where you should get your annual subscription in now to secure all four issues - now accepting 2016 subscriptions. And Paula Berinstein's Amanda Lester, Detective series for young adults.

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1:53 Introductory remarks
5:12 Sherlock Holmes and attention deficit disorder
9:45 BSI Weekend plans, interview for IHOSE #89
12:32 IHOSE on the road in September!
16:49 An important message about new books
21:50 Abominable Bride discussion
34:25 Flavors of Hitchcock and Welles in the special
37:55 A study in characters, including Mycroft
40:15 Some familiar faces in the special
44:30 Mary Morstan predictions
47:20 A new IHOSE sponsor
50:21 Listener comments
56:28 News
1:07:13 Sherlock Holmes Brand advertisement
1:08:32 The Editor's Gas-Lamp
1:13:20 Thank yous

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