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"You will excuse me, however, if I speak frankly to you." [DANC]

Early November marks an exciting time in our own Sherlockian calendar. This is historically the time of year that we find out about the specifics of the Baker Street Irregulars Weekend.

The annual gathering in New York City happens every January (as it has for over 70 years), with Sherlock Holmes devotees assembling from all over the world. The Weekend — and really, it's more than a weekend, with events starting as early as Wednesday — is open to all interested Sherlockians and is something of a movable feast as attendees east and drink their way through New York. We'll be updating the BSI Weekend website soon with all of the official information and reservation forms, so stay tuned for that.

While the BSI Dinner is still an invitation-only affair, the rest of the weekend is as inclusive an event as anyone can imagine. Whether you're attending for the first time or the 51st time, you're greeted with open arms and plentiful introductions to other like-minded individuals. 

We've heard many fellow Sherlockians say that to them, the BSI Weekend is something of a second Christmas. The prospect of connecting and reconnecting with so many friends from cities and years past, as well as from online interactions, is really what our little hobby is all about.

So we hope you'll indulge us this personal memory of the very first BSI Dinner invitation we received from Tom Stix, "Wiggins" of the BSI at the time. It arrived exactly 20 years ago today and our excitement is still just as strong today as it was then.

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But you don't need an invitation to attend the Weekend events overall. We hope you'll make your own plans to descend on New York and join your fellow revelers at the oldest and most expansive annual Sherlockian event.

I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere will be covering the BSI Weekend, capturing images, sounds and impressions that we'll be sharing in January and February of 2016. Perhaps we'll see you there!