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Those Sherlockians who came to the hobby from the 1970s onward will be familiar with the name Nicholas Meyer, BSI ("A Fine Moroccan Case"). His book The Seven Per-Cent Solution became a runaway hit in 1974 and 1975, eventually becoming a movie for which Meyer himself wrote the screenplay. The 2015 Baker Street Journal Christmas Annual Together Again for the First Time, which celebrates the four decades since the book and film appeared.

A master of storytelling, Nick Meyer brings us behind the scenes of becoming a Sherlockian at the tender age of 11, followed closely with his first film, the influence of music, musicals and film in his budding career and how he lost Sherlock Holmes and found him again. We hear all about what it was like to take a manuscript from concept to publication and the challenges of agents, publishers, the Conan Doyle Estate and others along the way. And then the thrill of casting selections and adapting the book for the screen, even though writing for the screen is vastly different than for the printed page.

It's rare that a pastiche has as much impact as Meyer's book — or was as popular as the original stories. We explore how his early and rabid consumption of the writings about the Writings (as well as a degree of hubris) allowed him to approximate Doyle's style and be a stickler for details. His craft even granted him an invitation to the BSI dinner in 1975 — but he turned it down (!); and how his opportunity to direct Young Sherlock Holmes dissipated —  you'll find out why when you tune in.

Nick was also a great sport and managed to make it through our "Mental Exaltations" quiz relatively unscathed.

The Easter egg this time brings you Nick Meyer's secret on how wearing a tie led to an acting role for him. But which film?

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1:44 Welcome, friends!
4:08 Thank you
6:11 Introduction to Nicholas Meyer
10:01 Nicholas Meyer, BSI ("A Fine Moroccan Case") joins us
42:20 An important interlude
48:49 Whatever happened to Sally?
57:07 The Conan Doyle Estate again
1:03:35 The BSI Dinner invitation arrives - but with conditions
1:12:30 From page to screen
1:44:56 "Mental Exaltation"
1:50:15 Wrap up
1:53:50 A change in our status

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Image credit: Steven-Charles Jaffe (Nicholas Meyer headshot)