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"whom I served at the fatal battle" [STUD]

Watch Holmes and Watson put some words to music

As we were preparing a talk for Scintillation of Scions VII in Hanover, MD on June 7 - which we'll share at some point in the future - we came across a previous post covering the Arthur Conan Doyle Symposium at Harvard in 2009.

At that event, Glen Miranker, BSI ("The Origin of Tree Worship") investigated Sherlock Holmes in popular culture - an in particular, in advertising. According to Glen,
In advertising, we see the image of Holmes used for soda, clothing, shoes, head lice, enemas, food, tobacco (including cigarette cards, cigar box labels, cigar bands, pipes, chewing tobacco, etc.), home inspection, gas companies, insurance, detective services, automotive products, games (the Parker Bros card game appeared in 1904 and stayed on the market until 1923), balloon animal modeling, computer games, video games.

Miranker concluded that the only areas not yet affected by Sherlock Holmes are NASCAR, rap music and baseball.

Well, we noticed this video last year, but after coming across the remark above, we're prepared to say that from Glen's analysis, only NASCAR and baseball remain untouched. Because Epic Rap Battles pitted Batman against Sherlock Holmes:

One down, two to go.

Who do you think won?