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Want to win this Sherlock Holmes print? Tune in to IHOSE #65 to find out how.

After a slight delay (thanks to a crashed hard drive and a lost interview), we're back with a super-sized episode that we hope will make up for our absence.

We're pleased to welcome Tom Richmond, one of the "Usual Gang of Idiots" at MAD Magazine. Tom's career has been a most interesting one, and we explore how he managed to take an adolescent aspiration, run it through an amusement park, and turn it into an award-winning career at the bible of comedic publications.

During this show, you'll find out how inspiration comes to a creative type who works in his basement of his Minnesota home; the role of Batman and Superman in Tom's career development; how Tom first came to meet Sherlock Holmes (hint: we've had his muse on the show previously). A good deal of the program will be related to art, comic art, caricature and the visual aspect of Sherlock Holmes, which should interest a Sherlockian art collector like Jerry Margolin, who was on IHOSE #16.

Speaking of collecting, you may have noticed the image at the top of this show's entry. That lovely piece of work - "The Game is Afoot!" - is available as a limited edition print. Tom talks about his previous experience with Dr. Who and James Bond prints and how he came to select the eight actors to represent Sherlock Holmes on this print. If you'd like to purchase one, Tom's site has a limited run of 450 for just $25 (cheap).

Your chance to win big!

In addition to giving you the opportunity to purchase one of Tom's prints, we have a listener contest in which you could win one of these highly coveted prints (plus one other special item we mention in the show). How can you make yourself eligible to win? Well, you'll just have to listen to the episode and discover where we lay out the rules. [But it does involve the hashtag #IHOSE65.] The contest is open until August 30, 2014.

A few listener comments - including one that appeared as a message in a bottle (see below) - graced our inboxes this time around.

We selected an original Gas-Lamp to perfectly complement the show: "Art in the Blood," from Vol. 8, No. 2 (April 1958) of the Baker Street Journal.

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