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"the stately towers" [PRIO]

Leighton Hall - filming location of The Dancing Men, in which it was Ridling Thorpe Manor

The descriptions of the houses and estates in the Canon leave us with visions of stately homes and grand settings. When Granada created its Sherlock Holmes series in the 1980s with Jeremy Brett and produced by Michael Cox, part of the lavish production of the shows was the settings chosen for the various locations.

The Tourist's Sherlock Holmes is a great place to start to give yourself a solid grounding in just where these homes are. In many cases, the actual setting did not match with the geography of the original stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, but gave us a realistic visual setting for the action. The site even has a page with a very handy graphic that sorts the filming locations by stories and has links to websites:

Filming locations of Jeremy Brett's Sherlock Holmes, sorted by geography and by original story

Many of these homes are open to the public for touring, and one recently came to our attention: Leighton Hall in Lancashire served as a stand-in for Ridling Thorpe Manor in "The Dancing Men" and is open throughout the summer season.

Even more comprehensive, impressive, and interactive is the Sherlock Holmes Filming Locations site assembled by the team at The Jeremy Brett Sherlock Holmes Podcast.

Some of the country houses that have always impressed us are Chatsworth House [PRIO], Baddesley Clinton [MUSG], Allerton Park [SIGN] and Tabley House [ABBE]. What are your favorites? Have you visited any of them?

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