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"pushing anotherone in my direction" [STUD]

Move over, Sherlock. Make room for Elementary.

CBS has evidently seen the furor caused by the Robert Downey, Jr. film and more importantly, the television series from the BBC.

The Tiffany network's attempt is being described as "a modern take on the cases of the pipe-smoking private eye created by Arthur Conan Doyle." It will be written by Rob Doherty and produced by Samantha Timberman and Carl Beverly. No word yet on the timing.

As Holmes himself said,
"There is nothing new under the sun. It has all been done before."

And clearly, Sherlock creator Stephen Moffat thought the same:

What do you make of this announcement? More good material for Sherlockians, or a lame effort to benefit from the success of a similar show on the BBC?

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We've previously covered the BBC version here:

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