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"I am lost without my Boswell" [SCAN]

It's not often that the 18th and 19th centuries and Twitter intersect. Yet that's exactly what happened when Mashable shared a story called Twitter Parodies: 9 Top Literary Fakes.

The reason we're sharing it here is there are some natural connections with Sherlock Holmes. The first two that grabbed our attention were the accounts of Dr. Samuel Johnson (@DrSamuelJohnson) and his faithful friend and biographer James Boswell (@RealBoswell).

Here's a sampling of their tweets, which you can see have a bent toward current events.

Other Canonically-connected literary types from that list include Edgar Allan Poe (@Edgar_Allan_Poe), whose Dupin Watson was reminded of in A Study in Scarlet. As you can see, he's a barrel of laughs.

And just for good measure (For Measure), there's William Shakespeare (@ShakespeareSays).

The full list can be found via our Twitter account here. If you have additional suggestions for this list, please let us know.

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