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Sherlock Holmes on the Stage: A Chronological Encyclopedia of Plays Featuring the Great DetectiveSherlock Holmes has a very pervasive presence in our popular culture...but it seems as if he is having something of a renaissance when it comes to staged versions of his adventures.

For example, a California-based theatrical company is putting on a production based on two of the stories from the canon - "A Scandal in Bohemia" and "The Final Problem". (In actual fact, it is the William Gilette/Sir Arthur Conan Doyle play from 1899). Putting on a 19th century play in the 21st century might seem a little unusual, but for Holmes, it makes perfect sense.

However, modern playwrights have also taken to creating their own non-canon works - another theatrical company has put on an original play based on Holmes. Of course, like many modern takes on Holmes, it does contain other historical figures as part of the plot...but that does not take away from telling another grand tale of the detective.

Finally, we find that there is one aspect of a "Cabaret Goes Lit" review that features Holmes...which only proves that "this great and somber stage" is anything but.

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