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"It is the unofficial force - the Baker
Street Irregulars."
As November creeps up on us, that means our minds begin to turn to the Baker Street Irregulars Weekend, an annual gathering in New York City that is expected to bring over 300 Sherlock Holmes enthusiasts together for fun, eating, drinking and pseudo-scholarship.

The Baker Street Irregulars (or BSI) is a literary society with Sherlock Holmes at its core. We have our origin in the first two novels about Holmes and Watson by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

From A Study in Scarlet:
"What on earth is this?" I cried, for at this moment there came the pattering of many steps in the hall and on the stairs, accompanied by audible expressions of disgust upon the part of our landlady.
"It's the Baker Street division of the detective police force," said my companion gravely; and as he spoke there rushed into the room half a dozen of the dirtiest and most ragged street arabs that ever I clapped eyes on.

From The Sign of the Four:
"No, it's not quite so bad as that. It is the unofficial force - the Baker Street irregulars."
As he spoke, there came a swift pattering of naked feet upon the stairs, a clatter of high voices, and in rushed a dozen dirty and ragged little street arabs. There was some show of discipline among them, despite their tumultuous entry, for they instantly drew up in line and stood facing us with expectant faces. One of their number, taller and older than the others, stood forward with an air of lounging superiority which was very funny in such a disreputable looking little scarecrow.
This annual tradition began in 1934, when Christopher Morley gathered a few like-minded friends at Christ Cella's to celebrate the birthday of Sherlock Holmes, which has always been placed on January 6. Since that time - nearly uninterrupted (save for a few years in the late 1930s), the BSI has always met each January. Over time, the dinner first evolved into a lunch prior to the dinner for out of town guests, and now is comprised of events that span from Wednesday evening to Sunday morning.

Below is a summary of the events of the BSI Weekend. Aside from the BSI Dinner (which is by invitation only), everything you see is open to the public. You may also find a fuller description and many helpful links at the BSI Weekend website at http://www.bsiweekend.com.
The 2011 Baker Street Irregulars Weekend - at a glance

If you have any questions about the festivities, please let us know. Are you planning on attending any of the events? We'd love to hear about that as well. And while we're at it, perhaps some of the members of the Sherlock Holmes Social Network would like to connect on this topic as well. If you're not a member of that vibrant group that is more than 550 strong, you might want to pop over there as well.

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