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For anyone who saw the Robert Downey, Jr. film Sherlock Holmes, it should have been patently obvious that the studio was prepping the audience for a sequel. The shadowy presence of one certain mathematics professor certainly paved the way for that. And with box office results to date that top the $500 million mark according to Box Office Mojo, it's no question that studio executives would want to see this kind of success repeated. In fact, Screen Rant reports that shooting will begin this summer.

But for those who await the actual script, there are questions that remain: what will the sequel cover? Will it pick up where the first film left off? Will Hollywood go with a conventional title like "The Return of Sherlock Holmes"?

We're happy to be able to share some inside news that is exclusive to the I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere. Because of our prominence within the Sherlock Holmes community and connection to Warner Brothers and the literary world, we're in a unique position. Fellow Baker Street Irregulars include Leslie Klinger, BSI ("The Abbey Grange"), who was a technical advisor to the first film; and Laurie R. King, BSI ("The Red Circle") author of the Mary Russell and Kate Martinelli books among others. Between the two of them, we have all the inside scoop we need at this point.

In the first outing, Rachel McAdams portrayed a wily, if sexed up, Irene Adler. It was probably a little more than Holmes fans expected out of the woman. When juxtaposed with the so-called "bromance" between Holmes and Watson, it was an odd threesome. Evidently, the new script contains another threesome, but one of a different sort.

We have credible information that Professor Moriarty will in fact play a significant part in the sequel, but Watson will be relegated to the background as he enjoys married life with Mary Morstan, his finacee from the first film. Set five years after the conclusion of the original, we're told that the screenwriters have dipped into a related series and have written in a very apt assistant to Sherlock Holmes, albeit taking liberty with the timeline of the novels. That's right: Sherlock Holmes will be joined in the sequel by none other than Laurie R. King's Mary Russell. The two team up and decipher clues that lead them to Moriarty's fiendish plan: to eliminate a sizable portion of London's upper class by poisoning the water supplied by plumbing - which only that strata of society would be likely to have.

For those who don't know Ms. Russell, she is the protagonist in Ms. King's novels which began with The Beekeeper's Apprentice. And although the novels have her meeting Sherlock Holmes in 1915, we have been told that the script very convincingly brings her back about 20 years into the mid-1890s, although the details at this point seem a little vague.

In terms of casting, we understand that actress Amy Adams, most recently so notable in Julie & Julia, is being considered for the role. As a petite, blue-eyed strawberry blonde, it would seem like the casting directors finally got something right this time around (although Jude Law's turn as Watson was well done).

We haven't yet heard about who will fill the role of Moriarty. We certainly hope that it's not a certain actor that we heard rumors of last year (see "Going Back to Pitt" [SIXN]). But with Ms. Adams filling the title female role, we could deal with whomever they throw at us.

Will the new film be as successful as the first? Will Mary Russell devotees be as open-minded and enthusiastic as some Sherlock Holmes fans were? Will Moriarty be cast believably? Will this sequel allow for yet another? Those and other questions still remain. Perhaps there are some answers out there. But for now, we're satisfied with the current news.

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