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Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water... Comes more news of the threatened sequel to Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes.

If you've watched the film, you probably noted that the latest entertainment trends are in full swing: superhero-like status for the main character, computer-generated images (CGI), regular and slow-motion action scenes, and a questionable plot at the expense of whiz-bang effects. As if that wasn't enough to tarnish the more-or-less pristine image of our Victorian hero, there's always the sequel to ensure that the stake is driven completely through the heart of Sherlock Holmes films as we've come to know them.

What are we referring to? Well, according to the Los Angeles Times, the sequel might be filmed in 3-D. Yes, you read that correctly. Sherlock Holmes in 3-D. One thing that confuses us is a pair of statements about the writers: "Although they each worry what would happen if every film Hollywood churns out is turned into a z-axis spectacle, they think it makes sense here."

The writers don't indicate exactly how it makes sense. Perhaps they'll show Holmes lighting his pipe? Or playing the violin? Or making three dimensional deductions? The mind boggles.

While our April 1 post ("The Inconceivable Sequel" [EMPT]) didn't fool anyone, we have to wonder if Hollywood is really serious about this latest development. Maybe we'll all be supplied with 3-D magnifying lenses in the theater.

Oh - one more thing. Bonus points if you can explain the relevance of the photo above.