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Unless you've been living under a rock - or perhaps in a home with absolutely no connection to the outside world - you've probably heard that Apple Computers plans to release the iPad next week.

While some herald the iPad as nothing more than a supersized iPhone, there are elements of the larger version that lend themselves to a different array of applications. Certainly, one is akin to an e-reader, so Sherlockians will undoubtedly be able to get their fair share of Holmes stories on this very portable device.

In addition, there will be distribution deals for digital outlets. Think the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. And lots ot games to keep the readers occupied otherwise. As part of this, we understand (via TouchGen) that Warner Bros. Digital Distribution will introduce their first iPad game - Sherlock Holmes Mysteries: The Case of the Innocent Man. The game is built exclusively for the iPad. While there aren't yet any details on the game itself, we're expecting to learn more as this burgeoning new media type expands.

For those of you inclined to try these devices - not to replace the good old fashioned paper, but rather to complement it - say, when traveling or when laying in bed and not wanting your New Annotated Sherlock Holmes to crush you to death - one of these devices below might be worth a try.